Laser Hair Transplant

How does it work – Laser Hair Transplant?

The laser energy that is used will stimulate hair growth. The laser light used in promoting hair growth is defined as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  You should research this thoroughly before making an appointment to speak to a professional Trichologist about this.  It is a permanent solution and should look very natural, the treatment is done on an out-patient basis, so you can sleep in your own bed in the evening.

Most of us take our hair for granted, until something happens.  We know from personal experience how it can impact on the confidence levels, one of our friends was involved in a road traffic accident and her hair fell out as a result.  She visited a Laser Hair Transplant clinic to get advice and 12 months later, she had a full head of hair.

The laser hair transplant trichologist will talk you through various options, the laser option is not the only thing you can look at.  You should consider non-surgical, biofibre, FUT and FUE Hair Transplant.  The cost varies depending what the treatment is and how many times you need work done, do you need hair grated onto the scalp for example.  Some clinics offer you ways to pay it up, however that is completely a personal choice.

Some G.Ps can prescribe medication, however they will not allow you to be on this forever, if you get a laser hair transplant the results will be permanent and then you can forget about it and get on with your life.  Your confidence will soar and you will generally feel better about yourself as a result of getting the treatment.

  • The clinic we recommend are very good, their Trichologists are exceptional and you can ask specifically for either a male or female person to talk to.  This helps put people’s mind at ease as sometimes they prefer to deal with a same-sex person.