Hair Replacement

Hair Getting Thinner

Everyone’s hair gets thinner as they get older, its a fact of life.  We don’t like it, but unfortunately its what happens to us all.  Some people get hair extensions, wigs or hair pieces.  These normally look quite fake and to get an exact colour match to your own hair is even trickier.

The options that are available include a Hair Replacement, Hair Transplant and other treatments like FUT Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant etc.  These can be done here in the United Kingdom and you can sometimes spread the cost of the payments to suit your budget, however you would need to speak to the clinic about this.

We recommend a reputable Hair Transplant clinic who have clinics throughout the U.K.  They have resident Trichologists who will meet with you and discuss the options for hair replacement.  The process can take up to 9 months from first meeting, so its not a quick fix, it is a long-term solution that will suit your budget and lifestyle.

We appreciate that it may be you are recovering from an accident, you may be on prescription drugs or it may be genetics that is causing the hair loss / hair balding.  Even if its in your family line, you need to speak to a Trichologist to find out how you can counteract it.  The hair follicle can tell us a lot about your health and wellbeing, but its only after its analyzed that the clinic can make recommendations.

The appointment with the Trichologist to discuss your hair replacement may take 40mts – 1 hour, in this time they ask you key questions to determine your health and family medical history.  They will make sure you are fully equipped to make the best decision about which treatment is right for you.  You need to be patient, follow the process and take the advice given to get the best results .