hair-replacementHair Loss?

Have you started noticing a bald patch appearing on your scalp?  This can happen to anyone of any age, most common is from early 20’s upwards.  It can be quite a blow to the self-esteem for this to happen.  You start to look at relatives to see if they have started to lose hair, and then normally people head to the chemist to buy some tablets or lotions / potions.  The solution is a hair transplant in U.K.


This is all good, but you are not getting to the root of the issue, what you must do is set up an appointment with a Trichologist.  This is the only qualified person who will tell you what the issue is, after analysing your hair follicle.  They will ask to meet with you, discuss your medical history and your diet and lifestyle.  It may be that you are recovering from an accident or that you have been on prescribed medication, this could have an impact on your hair and also your skin.  We always assume the side effects won’t have any impact on us, but they are listed for this very reason.  Some females have mentioned how they got the implant and then their hair started to break off, it can take years for your hair to recover and that is not a nice experience for any person.

Help is at hand in the form of a Hair Transplant here in the U.K. We would recommend a company called replacehair who offer hair transplants and other hair regrowth solutions.We have noticed many overseas clinics advertising for you to jump on the plane, they will pick you up and do the treatment, then take you back to the airport, but what happens when you are home and there is an issue?  You want to feel that you can confidently meet up with someone locally and ask questions, get the treatment done, then go back for an after-care visit.  Have your scalp analysed for new hair growth and to check all is going well.